Body and Ear Piercing in Bournemouth

Are you in search of the perfect piercing studio in the Bournemouth, Poole, or Christchurch area? Look no further! We've got you covered!

Whether you're dreaming of an ear piercing, nose piercing, navel piercing, or any body piercing in Bournemouth, we've created a safe, sterile, and welcoming environment to meet all your piercing needs.

When it comes to body piercing, we've made it convenient for you. We offer appointments for those who like to plan ahead, and we also welcome walk-ins for those spontaneous moments of self-expression. Just a friendly reminder, though: don't forget to bring along a valid photo ID—it's a crucial step to ensure your safety and compliance.

For more detailed information on our piercing services, including pricing and our age policy, be sure to visit our "More Information" page dedicated to Ear Piercing in Bournemouth. We're committed to making your piercing experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible, so you can confidently showcase your unique style.


What makes us different?
Why Jynx?

High End Brands

The ONLY studio in Bournemouth to carry a wide array of Luxurious Brands such as:

  • BVLA
  • Buddha Jewelry
  • Junipurr Jewelery
  • Tish Lyon
  • Anatometal

a138 Titanium Materials only or gold

We only pierce with A138 Implant grade  internally threaded or threadless titanium jewellery for the safest and highest quality piercings or 18/14ct Gold for those looking for something a little more luxurious. 

Female Body Piercers

We have 2 qualified female piercers in-house to look after all your piercing needs.

Experienced Piercers

we take pride in introducing our dynamic duo of experienced piercers who are the heartbeat of our studio!  With years of expertise under their belts, our talented professionals bring passion, precision, and a commitment to your satisfaction.

Both our piercers were Apprentice trained from the ground up so you can be confident in their skills as oppsed to those who attend crash courses.

What sets us apart? Our piercers stay ahead of the curve by regularly attending piercing seminars and embracing modern techniques.  Your safety and comfort are our top priorities, and by staying informed, our team ensures that you receive the latest and most advanced piercing services.

Professional & Friendly Environment

At Jynx, we believe in blending professionalism with a friendly touch! Our piercers are not just experts in their craft; they're also enthusiasts who love interacting with our valued clients. 

We pride ourselves on creating an environment where you feel not just comfortable but truly welcomed. No rushing here – we take the time needed to ensure your piercing experience is as smooth as possible.

Safe & Sterile Body Piercing

At Jynx Piercing in Bournemouth, where expert needle piercing meets a clean and inviting atmosphere. Our studio employs state-of-the-art hospital sterilization techniques, ensuring the utmost hygiene and providing peace of mind for our valued customers. Your safety is our priority, and we guarantee a secure and satisfying experience at Jynx.

Body Jewellery

We have a large selection of luxury body jewellery including a range of solid 18/14ct gold for you to choose from. 

We stock high end brands such as BVLA, Juniper, Budha, Tish Lyon, Anatometal

availble in store & via jynxbodyjewellery.co.uk
Jynx Body Jewellery

At Jynx we have a vast array of Body Jewellery available in Titanium, Gold, Rose Gold, Silver.

Whether you are seeking something plain or want to enhance your look with a elegant gem we will have something match your needs.

All of our suppliers are UKAPP APPROVED 

Some of our range can be found below.

We also offer a Ear Curation service which can be found in our menu.

Our Body Piercing Services

Ear Piercing in Bournemouth

Getting Pierced in Bournemouth has never been easier than right now. All piercings are catered for whether you are looking for an ear lobe piercing through to dermal anchors we got you covered.

Aftercare Solution

Our studio in Lansdowne Crescent Bournemouth only uses and provides aftercare solutions recommended by the United Kingdom Association Of Professional Piercers.

Professional Piercing Advice

Our two professional piercers are here to answer any questions you may have about getting pierced or how to best take care of your new body piercing.

Meet Chris
Our In House Piercer
Our services
What our Customer Say

Charlotte Collick
Charlotte Collick
Would 100% recommend - the staff are lovely, incredible service, make you feel so warm and welcome - easy to contact in terms of communication with artists and they take all of your thoughts into account and they add their own twists, get back to you in reasonable time and when you go in for their services they are so accommodating, friendly and make you feel so welcome and comfortable!
Sara Collick
Sara Collick
My Daughter and I visited on Good Friday. We were booked in with Harry. I had an old tattoo recoloured and my Daughter had a fresh tattoo. The shop was lovely and clean, the owner was very welcoming and Harry was brilliant. Whilst tattooing my Daughter I looked at the jewellery and asked if the piercer could change my nose ring for me. No problem at all. Done there and then with a smile. We shall definitely be back. Such a great shop with fantastic friendly staff.
Laura Spišáková
Laura Spišáková
words cannot express how much i love love LOVE this studio, it’s clean and pretty, it makes you feel comfortable and safe, the staff is friendly and welcoming, but my biggest thanks goes to Lou, an amazing piercer and a person. she is very kind, skilled and professional, i’ve had 2x helix and a septum done with her and i’m 100% satisfied. all piercings are healing well and i’m loving them so much. definitely recommend and i will be returning in the future either for another piercing or a tattoo. thank you guys for amazing treatment!
Libby Moxey
Libby Moxey
Ive had several piercings here and can't stop coming back. The whole team are so friendly and welcoming as well as professional
Phoenix Cuff
Phoenix Cuff
Nice clean sterile studio. Lovely vibe amongst the staff. Very friendly. Had two helix piercings here they are offering a deal for any two ear piercings for £30 great value for money. It was a tad spicy getting double helix done. But it will be worth it when it's healed! 💚💚
Pete Connew
Pete Connew
My first tatt. Went in nervous, came out planning my second….. and third. Awesome
Kay-drian Adriana Bryan
Kay-drian Adriana Bryan
I tell everyone to go to Jynx . I had one of my tattoos and a piercing done here. The tattoo artists and piercers are very informative and friendly, everything is very clean and I genuinely have nothing but positive feedback for them, so I am definitely looking forward to my next trip there ! Thank you !
Carolyn Farrugia
Carolyn Farrugia
Absolutely fabulous! We were really warmly welcomed and the piercings were done professionally and look great. Definitely recommend if you want anything pierced.
Doc Squiffy
Doc Squiffy
Best tattoo quality, Great customer service , would definitely go back !
jocelyn abran
jocelyn abran
I had my first ever nose pierce and flat pierced for my right ear and I really love have the outcome. Lou really make me feel at ease and she is so efficient with her work. 😍👍👍😍